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By Zuzana Dzurmanova, Remedial Massage Therapist

NurtureLife ® Pregnancy Massage Practitioner

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Massage during pregnancy has been a long tradition throughout our history. Many indigenous cultures have used manual therapies to assist both the mother and foetus in preparation for labour, and traditional birth attendants and midwifes have used soft tissue manipulation to support the labouring woman long before modern days obstetrics were introduced.

There might not be better time for a woman to receive a massage during her life than while she is nurturing a new life. Pregnancy massage is a specialized treatment offering the expecting mother a safe space to recharge and replenish. Our well trained and experienced massage therapists at Your Health Domain have a good understanding of each individual pregnancy and provide the client with a specifically tailored treatment. Well-being and therapeutical support of both the mother and baby are the top priorities in our practice.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy

There is a long list of both emotional and physiological effects that can be experienced during pregnancy.

Fundamental “enemy” number one is maternal stress which effects both the mother and unborn baby. Massage is one of the safest and most effective methods to reduce tension and anxiety. Massage has an ability to sedate the nervous system, allowing restoration and correction of our self-regulating mechanisms. Therefore the relaxed mother provides her baby with a greater amount of nutrients and well oxygenated blood through placental flow. Additional benefits may also include feeling more positive about her pregnancy and having a less complicated labour.

Musculoskeletal complaints are one of the most common reasons why expecting mothers are seeking massage. Adaptation of the body to the growing uterus places a lot of pressure on muscles and ligaments. Symptoms can include

  • back and pelvic pain
  • hip pain
  • swelling of tissues
  • pins and needles and
  • cramps
  • neck and thoracic stiffness

These symptoms are often from increased join laxity due to the hormonal changes. Muscles have to work harder and harder to support the changing mother’s posture, resulting in muscular fatigue and reduced circulation in to the muscles. Prenatal massage therapy at Your Health Domain can address all these complaints, reduce strain and ease discomfort.

The pregnant woman’s circulatory system is also under increased pressure during pregnancy and this will also improve by receiving regular massage treatment. Poor circulation and pooling of blood in the extremities (e.g. after prolong sitting at the computer) can increase chances of swelling, varicose veins and vulvar varicosities. Stimulating lymph flow by manual therapy and wearing compression garments such as SRC Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings can reduce occurrence of those unpleasant conditions. Your Health Domain are preferred suppliers of SRC garments.

Another system in our body greatly affected by pregnancy is respiration. Promoting deep therapeutic breathing during the massage treatment plus the manual release of muscles through the ribcage has great effect on helping with breathlessness and aids labour preparation.src

Massage in pregnancy is a safe form of pain relief. The Massage therapists at Your Health Domain are here to help break the pain cycle by encouraging muscles to relax and manually increasing venous and lymphatic circulation to the areas of discomfort.

Why should I get a Massage and what is involved?

There are a very small number of conditions that are contraindicated for pregnancy massage and our staff are qualified to identify these. We understand that every expecting mother is working hard, juggling between a busy workplace and family. You deserve some “Me” time – a safe haven to be truly pregnant, to be honoured and nurtured. Our experienced Massage Therapists will adjust the position of the client and use specific techniques to suit. She will always ask health related questions prior commencing the treatment to be sure that all the needs are met. Not one treatment is the same. Pregnancy is a dynamic journey and is always changing.

It is best is to plan your treatment in line with your midwife/Obstetrician visits to be sure your massage therapist is receiving the most comprehensive information. Weekly visits in the last few weeks can be “lifesaving” procedures.

Pregnancy massage is one of the most rewarding treatments for both for the therapist and client. The outcomes are beyond doubt remarkable. Connections between the mother and her baby while receiving a treatment are truly magical.

The Massage Therapists at Your Health Domain also work closely with the in-house experienced Physiotherapists who are trained and specialise in treating Women’s Health conditions such as Pelvic pain and Pelvic Floor problems. The physiotherapists at Your Health Domain can also give you tips on safe exercise during pregnancy, and how to return to activity following the birth of your baby.

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SRC Pregnancy Shorts, Leggings and Recovery Shorts are available at Your Health Domain

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