Ridding the Silly Season Calories: Exercise and Injury Prevention

Ridding the Silly Season Calories: Exercise and Injury Preventi

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By Eliot Denver, Physiotherapist

So it’s that time of year again when everyone has indulged a little, or perhaps a lot, and you might be thinking about how to shed a couple of kilos gained during the festive period.

The two main questions we are asked are:

  • What is the best thing to do?
  • And how do I do it without getting injured?

Well the best thing to do... that’s easy – just MOVE! Any movement combined with sensible eating will be help you towards shedding some weight.

How do you avoid injury – well that’s the tricky bit, especially if you are not someone who hasn’t exercised much or for a long time.

The two questions are really closely related. There are a few key points to consider:

  • Find something you will enjoy and try it. There are so many different types of exercise so think outside the box. Not everyone is made for a gym, so what about the local tennis club, bush walks, learn how to dance, hire a kayak or maybe try surfing.
  • Set some realistic goals – these are really important to add some structure to your exercise and will help to keep you motivated. You could sign up to a fun run and work towards it. But, make it realistic – find a 5km or 10km event before a marathon!
  • Find an exercise buddy – you will encourage each other and this will probably make it more fun. Maybe you can do it with your partner or a colleague at work.
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  • Simple and free - Getting into exercise can be as simple as a pair of sneakers and a lunch time walk around the Botanical Gardens or the beach. We live in a pretty amazing city with beautiful places on our doorstep.
  • Start slowly and gradually build up – Injuries are commonly as a result of people trying to do too much too quickly. Exercise days are great but be sure to give yourself adequate rest periods too. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  • Get the right equipment – This might mean getting rid of the old sneakers that aren’t providing you any support anymore or getting your bike professionally set-up to improve comfort and reduce injury risk. This is something we can help you with at Your Health Domain. Our Physios can give you the correct advice about how to get the perfect footwear.
  • Diversify – You can’t run every day! Why not try running on alternate days with a swim or aqua-aerobics on the other days. This will keep you interested and help with maintaining your exercise regime for longer.
  • Low intensity before high – It is very likely you will get injured if you jump straight into a Bootcamp unless you already have a good level of conditioning. Swimming is an excellent place to start, and then later you could jump on a bike then introduce a boxing class then maybe some running. Your body needs to accommodate to the new forces and stress placed on the body before going straight into high intensity activities.
  • Make it routine – Think of this as a chance to integrate exercise into your life, not just a few weeks after the festive period for an exercise “hit”. Replace bad habits with good ones.
  •  swim

Lastly, Consult your Physiotherapist! We are experts ready to help you with advice and guidance regarding exercise and injury prevention. We will be able to assess you properly and give you some specific advice based on your body and previous injury history. Our Physiotherapy services are conveniently available at all 3 of our Sydney CBD locations: Pitt Street, Bond Street and King Street.

To make an appointment please call 9251 5111 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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