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Cost Of Pilates Sessions @YHD

Fees are current as of 1st August 2016

All sessions are of 45 minutes duration

  • Initial assessment $125
  • Individual sessions (1:1) $125 45 mins or $95 for 30 mins
  • Duet sessions (1:2) $70
  • Small group classes (max 4 participants) $42.50
  • Small group class packages:
    • 10 class pack 10% discount ($38.00/class), pre-paid
    • 5 class pack    5% discount ($40.00/class), pre-paid
  • Pilates with a Physiotherapist entitles your to claim your sessions un "Physiotherapy" with your private health fund. We offer HICAPS for these on-the-spot claims.
  • How much will my health fund cover? Different health funds cover different amounts for each session. You will need to check with your own health fund to find out how mych you are entitled to for each Physiotherapy session.


Pilates Group Class Timetable

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
07:30    Open  Open  Open  Open
08:15          Open
12:15  Open    Open    
13:00  Open  Open  Open  Open  Open
16.30        Open  
17:15  Open    Open  Open  


  • All classes are of 45 minutes duration. An individual assessment is required prior to commencement in a small group class

  • Small group Pilates classes are only available in our Pitt St Sydney practice


Attendance Policies

Your Health Domain has a 24 hour cancellation policy on all appointments and classes. This allows us to reschedule your appointment or class to a more appropriate time, and offer the appointment to someone else in need.

24 hours notice is required if you are unable to attend your appointment or class otherwise a late cancellation fee will be charged at 50% of the normal appointment or class fee

If you are unable to attend your usual class we recommend that you reschedule your class to another class within the same week, pending availability

Class packages expiry period:

  • 5 class pack expires 6 weeks after your first class
  • 10 Class pack expires 12 weeks after your first class
  • Non attendance (no notice given) fee will be charged at the full amount of the normal appointment or class fee
  • Pre-paid classes can be put on hold if you are away on holidays or ill
  • All Compensation Claim cancellation fees will be met by the individual and not the insurance company

Your Individual Pilates Assessment


An individual assessment is required to allow your Physiotherapist to:

  1. Assess your core stability muscles
  2. Evaluate your patterns of movement
  3. Prioritize your areas for strength, flexibility and stability work for your individual program
  4. Educate you on the Pilates technique and your core
  5. Orientate and familiarize you with the Pilates equipment and safety demonstration of their use
  6. Assess your starting need of 1:1 or small group classes


Pilates Testimonials

pilates testimonials 

Below are some testimonials from people who have undertaken Pilates at Your Health Domain.


"I had always suffered from a “bad back” and had come to the conclusion that it was all part of working long hours at a desk, and was something that I would just have to put up with. I had tried plenty of different forms of treatment over the years, and at times I felt like I had been fixed… only to have the pain return a couple of weeks later! My hips and hamstrings would always be stiff, and the dull ache in my lower spine continued to annoy me and I found I was easily distracted at work trying to adjust my posture to offer some relief.


A colleague suggested Pilates. I had heard of it, but had always thought it was suited for flexible, young women! I was willing to try anything – and I was amazed that after just two sessions the transformation I felt in my body. I felt taller, straighter, stronger, and I my pain and stiffness is barely noticeable! I look forward to my sessions with the Physios at Your Health Domain, and know that after 45 minutes with them, I will have been worked hard, but with huge benefits."

Steve, 45 years old.


"Who would have thought 3 weeks of Pilates could do more than over 3 years of other treatments! The physiotherapists at Your Health Domain were able to correctly diagnose my problem, and address my issues, rather than teach the generic Pilates moves that I had tried at my gym. I love having a Pilates program specifically created for me! I am now more confident with the ability of my body, I have more energy and flexibility – I am totally hooked!"

Gemma, 31 years old.


What To Expect From Pilates

pilates stretch 

At Your Health Domain, Pilates is offered as individual, dual or small group sessions with a maximum of four participants. This allows for specific feedback from your physiotherapist during the exercise session to ensure correct technique and allow your exercise session to be individually tailored to your specific needs.

The sessions utilize traditional Pilates equipment including reformer, trapeze wall unit and barrel along with mat work, balls, bands, roller and circle.

Small group classes are available early morning, at lunch and later in the day. The Pilates sessions are 45 minutes in length.

An initial assessment is required to assess your movement, bio-mechanics and posture. Your assessment will then be used to devise your individual Pilates program - 1 to 2 individual sessions is recommended to allow you to be guided through the initial phase and familiarize you with the equipment and exercises, prior to joining a small group class.

Why Do Physiotherapy Led Pilates?

 pilates pose pic

Our Physiotherapists are well trained in assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries. They have detailed knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and the neuromuscular system.

Clinical Pilates is a specific training program utilized by Your Health Domain Physiotherapists in the Sydney CBD in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, re-education of movement patterns and correction of poor posture.

pilates timetable



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