Independent Exercise Sessions

Independent Exercise Sessions

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Available at Your Health Domain Pitt St. Sydney CBD

Have you reached a stage in your treatment and rehabilitation where you feel safe and comfortable training on your own? Do you enjoy Pilates and are keen to add an extra session a week? Are you keen to do an independent reformer-based exercise session?

If so, Independent Exercise and Pilates sessions have been designed for you with this in mind. We have a designated exercise space that is available for you at a time that suits you.

Independent exercise sessions are suitable for many conditions to reach and achieve your goals whether it is:

  • Increasing strength and stability
  • Improving posture
  • Improving flexibility
  • Conditioning the core muscles through the use of Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, trapeze, circle and barrel.
  • Improving cardiovascular fitness
  • Adding an extra Pilates session a week at a time that suits you
  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation – benefits include improving mobility muscle strength
  • People who want to continue exercising and to help prevent re-injury
  • Enjoying a quiet, uncrowded space to do your exercises

Equipment available for use:

  • Mats
  • Pilates reformer
  • Foam rollers
  • Pilates Wall unit
  • Pilates Circle
  • Gym balls
  • Step
  • Exercise bike
  • Decline board
  • Weights (1-10kg)
  • Wobble board
  • Bosu
  • Theraband/Theratube
  • Bakballs

Please either call 9251 5111 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists so we can devise your independent exercise program. Your physiotherapist will design a specialized exercise program specific for you and show you how to use the equipment. You are then able to book your independent sessions when it suits you. Your physiotherapist will review your program every 4 – 6 weeks to advance your exercises and to monitor your progress. Good luck and have fun!

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